Project Info
Malivas is an apparel brand that focuses on customization and a modern, minimalistic aesthetic. Their website reflects this, highlighting the clothing itself and showcasing the ability to customize products through a 3D interactive model.

To reflect this focus on customization and clean design, we developed a unique brand identity system for Malivas. The brand identity needed to be bold and modern, while also conveying a sense of quality and attention to detail.
Client: Malivas
Creative Direction: Ishfak Rafi
Design: Angsha Sandeed Mizan
Photography: N.P.
Website: Angsha Sandeed Mizan
What We Did
Website Design & Development,
Logo & Brand Identity Design.

Be Uniquely You.

We created variations of the logo that incorporate these aspects. The primary wordmark uses a clean and simple typeface, while the secondary mark utilizes a custom emblem to add a touch of personality. This combination allows Malivas to maintain a modern and minimalist look while also showcasing their brand’s unique identity.
We designed the Malivas website to stand out from its competitors. Most e-commerce websites in the sector in Bangladesh tend to use standard templates which, while functional, lack the distinctiveness needed to grab attention. In contrast, we created a website for the brand that is both unique and user-friendly. Our clean UI/UX design allows the brand’s customers to easily log on and purchase products without any hassle. We have also implemented a 3D Interactive Product customizaion option, leaps above the rest, really in any market. Check Out the live preview!