Tiger Nutrition Bangladesh.

Project Info
Brand identity system for Tiger Nutrition Bangladesh. Tiger Nutrition Bangladesh is a retail store based in Bangladesh that offers a wide range of nutritional supplements with the motto “Unleash The Beast In You.” We were asked to create a unique identity that showcases the strength and power of the brand.

The brand is bold, modern, and designed to look strong and reliable. We created variations of the logo that include a clean and simple typeface for the primary wordmark and a custom emblem for the secondary mark.
Client: Tiger Nutrition Bangladesh
Creative Direction: Asif Habib Romel
Design: Angsha Sandeed Mizan
Photography: Muntazeer Rashid
Website: Angsha Sandeed Mizan
What We Did
Website Design & Development,
Creative Marketing Content, Rebranding.

Unleash The Beast In You.

The ‘Unleash The Beast’ campaign was a series of social media posts/content, designed to advertise the clients products to its target audience. Although the Supplementation market in Bangladesh is fairly small, we were able to help the brand gain a significant edge over its competitors due to the modern marketing approach taken during this campaign. Tiger Nutrition Bangladesh is now a known entity in its respective market.
We designed the Tiger Nutrition Bangladesh website to stand out from its competitors. Most e-commerce websites in the sector in Bangladesh tend to use standard templates which, while functional, lack the distinctiveness needed to grab attention. In contrast, we created a website for the brand that is both unique and user-friendly. Our clean UI/UX design allows the brand’s customers to easily log on and purchase products without any hassle.